What is PDT?
What is photodynamic therapy?
 Photodynamic therapy (PDT), is a form of phototherapy involving light and a photosensitizing chemical substance, used in conjunction with molecular oxygen to elicit cell death (phototoxicity). PDT has proven ability to kill microbial cells, including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

 Each photosensitizer is activated by light of a specific wavelength. This wavelength determines how far the light can travel into the body. Thus, doctors use specific photosensitizers and wavelengths of light to treat different areas of the body with PDT.
Seven light waves to wake up the skin
Different bands reach different muscle bottoms to improve a variety of skin problems
Calcium-replenishing light therapy
  This machine has the function of light to supplement calcium, irradiated the human skin, through photosynthesis reaction, promote the deoxygenation cholesterol in the skin into bile protochmotic alcohol, that is, endogenous vitamin D3, D3 to promote calcium, phosphorus metabolism and absorption.
Effective solutions to a variety of skin problems
  Acne Spots,Anti-bacterial degrease,Activate collagen regeneration,Deep Fix,Anti-wrinkle

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