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Can the portable beauty machine achieve the effect of a large instrument?

    Yes, the portable beauty equipment produced by Athmed & Aesmed Company not only has a beautiful appearance and small size but also has the same effect as the large machine after repeated testing by our company.   In addition, the portable beauty machine has an advantage over large equipment in terms of cost, the freight is relatively cheap, and customers can recover the cost faster. The portable beauty machine will be a trend in the future beauty industry. It can achieve the ultimate beauty effect and the price is also affordable. Why not choose it? Please Click Here Contact and Get a Sample for Testing 

Is the cosmetic effect of photoelectric beauty good?

Since the rise of optoelectronic beauty technology, optoelectronic beauty has become a new non-surgical cosmetic method, which is highly respected and loved by beauty practitioners. Athmed Photoelectric Tech Co., Ltd specializes in photoelectric beauty related training, is a photoelectric beauty equipment. Manufacturers who have been exporting for ten years.Many students who want to study beauty ask: Is photoelectric beauty good? Is the effect really obvious? Let's take a look at the beauty treatment case of Athmed Photoelectric Tech Co., Ltd. Please Click Here Contact and Get a Sample for Testing 

What are the beauty equipment commonly used in beauty salons?

A list of necessary beauty equipment: Microdermabrasion machine; PDT spectrometer; RF microneedle;  ipl hair removal instrument; HIFU; Tattoo machine.

How to contact us?

Mobile :   +86 1380100 6649Tel :          +010 5351 2883QQ :          373367140                 2011262906Whatsapp/Wechat:   +86 138 0100 6649                                      +86 183 1136 2620Facebook :Jesonzhu1@hotmail.comE-mail :          

Which chain stores do Athmed & Aesmed provide services for?

     This is Ginza-Calla's promotional video, Japan's largest chain of beauty salons, 60 hair removal stores worldwide, and 16 medical clinics. Ginza-Calla has always been our long-term partner. We provide hair removal machine K1 and water oxygen machine S6 for their beauty salons, and we have set up an after-sales service center in Japan to provide more after-sales service in time.

What is the company's philosophy?

    Athmd & Aesmed has been working hard, focusing on the production, research and development, sales of professional small-scale photoelectric beauty machine, you can find you most in Aesmed A favorite professional small beauty machine. In addition, we provide beauty solutions for chain beauty salons and are committed to becoming the most comprehensive supplier of portable beauty equipment on the market.

What is the company's corporate culture?

Quality is our LifeIntegrity is the FundamentalEfficiency is the KeySharing is the Theme

How many branches do we have?

      We company is headquartered in Beijing and has branches in Japan  (Tokyo), Langfang (Hebei) and Wuhan (Hubei). We have a team of experienced technical experts dedicated to the development center, fully applying advanced technology for product design, development, and testing. We provide the highest quality products and the best sales and after-sales service. We support OEM and ODM. So far, Athmed & Aesmed has successfully exported to more than 15 countries in the world.

What is the relationship between Aesmed Technology Ltd and Athmed Technology Co., Ltd?

   The registered address of Athmed Photoelectric Tech Co., Ltd is in Beijing, and the registered address of Aesmed Technology Co., Ltd is in Hebei. Aesmed is a subsidiary of Athmed Corporation, which is engaged in the development and sales of portable beauty equipment.

Do you offer OEM / ODM services?

   Yes,Athmed & Aesmed has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to enable us to design and manufacture a wide range of new products to meet the buyer's requirements, providing our customers with the ability to label and design their products.   If you have more than 5 orders, we will provide you with a free OEM service. What you need to provide to us is LOGO (* ensures no trademark infringement); boot page LOGO or screen-printed LOGO, and tell us color, size, location, fonts, etc. (* If the screen printing is colored, we do not guarantee to accept this scheme).

What does Athmed & Aesmed do?

  Athmed & Aesmed Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd established in 2009,  a  Professional Portable Beauty Machine Supplier. We have independent R & D centers, sales and after sales service departments. At the same time, we can provide professional technical support and after-sales service in the first time.  Since 2009, Athmed & Aesmed already built 3 branches in China, Beijing, Langfang (Hebei) and Wuhan (Hubei). Also, built 1 branch in Japan (Tokyo). At present, our products include 808nm diode laser, IPL/OPT,  RF,  water oxygen, vacuum / cavitation / lipo laser / Cryolipolysis system, HIFU,  Nd Yag, 980nm laser, ESWT,  microneedle, home beauty equipment, etc. About 50 models are exported to the global market.