Teach you how to distinguish 808 hair removal instrument: micro channel, macro channel, no channel

publisher: Michelle
Time: 2019-07-29
Summary: In the market, 808 semiconductor laser hair removal equipment is the first choice, but the type of 808 is also very different. So how do we choose a good 808 hair removal device?
The 808 semiconductor hair removal instruments on the market are classified according to their heat dissipation and cooling methods and can be divided into three categories: no channel, macro channel, and microchannel. So what is the difference and difference between each channel?
No Channel
The number of effective light-emitting times of the non-channel instrument is 2 million hairs, and the number of hair removal times needs about 6 times. Since the heat dissipation of the instrument is water-cooled, it mainly relies on the fan, and the heat dissipation is poor, so the customer will have obvious when operating the customer. The tingling sensation. Because it is a chip laser, there will be some places where hair removal treatment is not in place, affecting the effect. The absorption of pigment in the hair follicle in the back requires high energy, but the energy regulation is too high, which will cause the customer's pain to be obvious. It can only be operated with low energy, so the longer the hair of the customer, the longer the luster will appear. The problem of poor heat dissipation of the instrument is that the long-term overheating environment, the laser in the instrument handle is easy to burn out; at the same time, because the heat is not enough, the instrument can not work for a long time, the instrument needs to be suspended after a period of operation. 
Macro Channel
Macro channel The effective light output of the instrument handle is about 5 million hairs, and the number of hair removal times is about 5 times. The heat dissipation mode of the instrument is heat dissipation by the fan water supply cycle, the contact area of the heat dissipation channel and the laser is limited, and the heat dissipation is improved compared with the channel instrument. There will still be a stinging feeling when the customer is operating, and still can not give the customer too high energy, there will still be some cases where the customer's hair can not be completely cleaned. At the same time, due to the insufficient ability of the instrument to dissipate heat from the laser, the instrument can not work for a long time, the handle weight is up to 2 kg, the beautician can not take too long, the most drawback is that it is easy to burn palladium. At the same time, there will be a fault in the handle working for about 4 months, and the fault repair rate of the instrument is high.
The number of effective light-emitting times of the micro-channel instrument can reach more than 10 million times, and the number of times the instrument can perform hair removal is about 3 times. The specific times required for different customers, different parts, and different hair colors are also different. The final effect of the instrument is that a small amount of fine pigmented fluff will grow in the hair removal site for a year or so, and will not affect the visual sense. The micro-channel configuration of the 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument uses air-cooled + water-cooled + semiconductor triple-cooling. The micro-channel technology makes the contact area of the water circulation channel and the laser larger, the heat dissipation effect is better, and the instrument handle temperature is controlled at 0- About 5 degrees, it can ensure that the operation of the instrument can ensure that the freezing point is painless and will not freeze. It will not produce water droplets inside the laser, ensuring the service life of the laser, and also avoiding skin damage caused by the handle over ice.

1\Imported sapphire with big spot size:20mm*16mm; 

2\ Germany QCW Diode laser module (Assembled in China):600w; 

3\Automatic water purification system with long lifetime filters; 

4\Water quality self-checking system;

5\Semiconductor laser refrigerator machine;

6\20Million shots warranty 

1、The water quality auto-detection system ensures that the water quality is alarmed once it gets polluted;

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3、Optimization of cooling-water pressure and flow, tips temperature: -10~5℃;

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