Intense Pulsed Light Postoperative Maintenance Skills

Time: 2019-10-27
Summary: Intense Pulsed Light Postoperative Maintenance Skills
Strong pulsed light postoperative skin maintenance tips
After finishing the skin rejuvenation of the photon skin, the skin is now very good, but it is still necessary to know that after intense pulsed light exposure, more attention should be paid to skin care. In order to make beautiful skin last longer! Here, we will listen to the photon skin rejuvenation maintenance technology introduced by Athmed Photoelectric Tech Co., Ltd.
Intense pulsed light is today's most popular beauty project! So how do you care for your skin after photorejuvenation?

First, we know that there is a one-week recovery period after intense pulsed light. Because after doing photoelectric equipment, the skin will become dry, and some people will have dry itching or reddish symptoms, which are normal phenomena and usually recover after two days. During this time, it is best not to be exposed to direct sunlight. Do not use hot water to wash your face and avoid steaming. Must pay more attention to the moisturizing of the skin, it is recommended to make a moisturizing mask every day. After strong pulsed skin rejuvenation, it is best to use a water oxygen machine to make a spa to the skin immediately, and the moisturizing effect is better.

The above is the maintenance knowledge after strong pulse light, I hope to help everyone, Athmed photoelectric beauty equipment, efficient and safe skin, you can trust!

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