What are the effects of water oxygen skincare?

What are the effects of water oxygen skincare?


What are the effects of water oxygen skincare?

what is oxygen jet peel machine?
  oxygen jet peel machine is a term that many people have not heard of. The main effect is to help us clean up the dirt that has been hidden for a long time in our pores, because we usually do n’t pay attention to washing our face, or our face is not clean. Prolonged exposure to the sun will lead to clogged dust in the pores. A little bit of dust will cause the skin's pores to expand and severely form blackheads. Rejuvenating the skin with oxygen can purify the environment of the skin and increase metabolism, gradually the acne and plaque appearing on many people's faces can be well eliminated, and it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-virus effects. Therefore, water and oxygen rejuvenation can prevent infection when cleaning the skin. At the same time, it can kill fungi. The effect of water and oxygen skin rejuvenation is very extensive, which brings great benefits to the human body.
Benefits of Oxygen jet peel machine to the Skin?
  During the treatment, the gas-liquid mixture ejected by the system is extremely fast (up to Mach 0.6), and has a stronger function than the previous skin rejuvenation technology. It can remove aging horny skin and necrotic tissue on the surface of scars. Because the medium used is the safest oxygen and water to the human body, it avoids the negative damage to the skin caused by the previous technology and makes the treatment safer.

  At the same time, the diameter of water and oxygen molecules is smaller than the diameter of the pores, and can enter the deep skin directly through the pores. A large amount of pure oxygen molecules enter the blood, which will accelerate the blood flow and wake up the sleeping cells; the skin tissue has obtained sufficient oxygen, moisture, and tenderness. Skin incubator--collagen begins to be produced in large quantities, collagen cells are continuously rearranged, the skin "spring" begins to restore elasticity, and the "reservoir" recharges water. Natural, elastic, supple, and fair skin will appear in the new life. Glorious.
The oxygen jet peel machine can also completely remove the deep dirt in the pores, so that 99% of the pure oxygen molecules can maximize their bactericidal effects, such as anaerobic propionibacterium acnes and other harmful bacteria, etc. The anti-inflammatory effect has a good clinical effect on purifying the metabolic environment of skin tissue and removing acne.

oxygen jet peel machine: water replenishment, oxygen replenishment, remove dull yellow skin and rejuvenate skin.
Water jet peeling machine therapy process

1 Cosmetologists remove makeup and wash their faces to prevent cosmetic ingredients from affecting the effectiveness of treatment and increase safety.

2 No discomfort during treatment; 

3 According to the condition of the skin problem, it is generally a course of treatment ten times, and it enters a course of maintenance.
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